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US Rowing Number and Waiver Submittal Instructions

(Each rower must have a USRowing number. Enter this number on your Registration Form.

Our club name is: Crystal Lake Rowing Club

Use CLRC Club Code: ZQ3MT when prompted.

  • To submit your annual waiver, you will need to Join or Renew as a Basic (administrative fee$5.75) of USRowing

  • You'll need to start the process and click on the "Join" button of the Individual Membership section.

  • Please note: There is a $5.75 Administration Fee for individuals who are joining or renewing as Basic Members and signing their waiver. This fee is charged and retained by US Rowing. This Admin Fee is included in the Champ membership fee for Championship members.

Click here for more information about the Member Admin Fee.

US Rowing Waiver is required to be submitted to CLRC prior to participation in any activity. Please immediately email this completed waiver to 

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